There is always a story behind any band. This story started with a bunch of guys from local bands who ended up playing together after 20 years of friendship. This is a good luck story, a mix of coincidences and being in the right place at the right time.


Thyrant was formed in the summer of 2015 in Southern Spain, still without a name, just an idea and some riffs. Five guys playing together for the first time in a city where everyone knows everybody else. It took nine months for them to fill the rehearsal room with a concept and create a full album ready to go to the Artesonao music studio and embrace the mountains of Málaga with earth, wind and fire for the last ten days of May 2016.


Their eight song debut album navigates through despair, from gloom and doom vibes, up to a more strong and powerful kind of metal, technical and prog but also safe into more classic metal and rock. Not a death metal act in essence, but most of the vocals are pure death metal style. Not a classic rock band, but the 80's double guitars and melodies in addition to the fierce and power of the bass and drum rhythm are classic rock and metal. Not a thrash metal band in essence either, but a track like ‘E.O.S.' is a 100% thrashy-catchy song. Not a black metal band at all, but there is some old evil spirit surrounding the most epic side of the band a-la Bathory on ‘Carving the Throne' or the most contemporary vibes of BM on ‘Delusion' or ‘Hard Boiling'.


"'What we left behind...', clearly reflects all of our misery, pain and shame, but also our development, love and passion witnessed within this short period of time", comment the band members on their debut album. Life can be tough, but also a nice travel companion, a dream within a dream, coming to fruition in the midst of so much misery. Just like music. From Maiden to Priest, from Enslaved to Obituary, from Carcass to Slayer. "Our heroes have accompanied us on this journey, they helped us to face the Thyrant. It must have a horrible face, just like us".


A Thyrant with no face yet, but soon to be revealed. Thyrant entered the studio to record the new album called 'Katabasis', to be released sometime during 2019. Expect a darker, doomer and deeper approach to classic metal, with a prog touch, way different to the songs appeared on their debut 'What We Left Behind'. Martin Furia lied us enough to seat on control desk once again.



“This is the type of miracle Thyrant are capable of."

- Metal News, FR


“An amazing debut!" 

- 9/10, World Of Metal


“Thyrant will take you on a musical journey across the ages, genres and spectrums leaving you questioning - what just happened?

- 8,5/10, Rock n Load Mag, US


“...various styles and their own voice in it makes these Spaniards have a clear signature sound. What they leave will be mostly satisfied metalheads!"

- White Room Reviews, NL


"...appetising delight of death metal vocals and melodic rock accompaniment."

- 4/5 Photo Groupie, UK


“Thyrant are the real deal."

- Belfast Metalheads Reunited, IE


“Thyrant debut is a notable entry in the world of metal."

- Tasunka Photos, FR


“…this is a record that reflects the future."

- Lettere dall’undeground, IT


“Musically, Thyrant are like a well-aimed punch to the solar plexus…"

- Devils Gate Media, UK


“Can you mix a bit of Carcass with Maiden and Judas and stay credible by making a high quality record? It looks so!”

- Metal (IT)


“Thyrant is heading for a bright future!" 

- Rock Tribune


“Awesome riffs, great production…”

- Legacy, DE


“Thyrant…take what they want from the past, throw it into a blender and come out with an album that is stunning.”

Jace Media, UK