Thyrant about signing with Indie Recordings:
There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears during the writing process, a long journey through personal issues while writing this album. It becomes impossible to simply forget about it. In addition, we started playing together almost by mere coincidence, after half of our lives of friendship, and some sort of feelings and good vibes among us. All this together, made possible for us to finish the songwriting within just 6 months. We feel inmensely lucky to have the opportunity of sharing our path alongside with Indie Recordings and releasing our first effort through them.

Thyrant is now entering the studio to record the new album called 'Katabasis', to be released sometime during 2019. Expect a darker, doomer and deeper approach to classic metal, with a prog touch, way different to the songs appeared on their debut 'What We Left Behind'. Martin Furia lied us enough to seat on control desk once again.