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Thyrant are currently premiering their second single titled "Endless Hunt" from their upcoming debut album "What We Left Behind..."! Check it out via:











About Thyrant - "What We Left Behind...":

“…this is a record that reflects the future."  
- Lettere dall’undeground, IT

“...various styles and their own voice in it makes these Spaniards have a clear signature sound. What they leave will be mostly satisfied metalheads!"  - White Room Reviews, NL

“Thyrant debut is a notable entry in the world of metal."  
- Tasunka Photos, FR

“Thyrant are the real deal."  
- Belfast Metalheads Reunited, IE

"...appetising delight of death metal vocals and melodic rock accompaniment."  
- 4/5 Photo Groupie (UK)


'THYRANT, you have indeed succeeded in synthesizing the melodies and the bite of Steve Harris and co., And the notorious aggressiveness of the Death with BM trend of the EDGE OF SANITY, AT THE GATES and other northern abuses making the junction between crudity and efficiency.
Basically, you managed to create a group hybrid of the NWOBHM, cryogenized and awakened in the 90s in one of the studios of Dan Swano, with only companions speakers spitting from the suffering Doom, melodious Death, and Thrash ambitious.
From then on, the musicians lost in time had to re-learn to play, not to mention their original horizons, and thus create a gigantic crossover between the Heavy of their time and the Death of the following decade. And what could on paper strike indigestible, becomes of a formidable effectiveness in the facts and the songs.
So yes, your album is a monster, but a nice monster, crushing by saying forgiveness, and bursting the faces by offering a handkerchief to clean tears and blood.
Citing references like CARCASS, ENSLAVED, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, or OBITUARY, the Spaniards raked wide, but just hit. Indeed, their music is really at the crossroads of all these references, to the point of creating a new style, which one could in an easy access baptize "melodic Heavy Death", with some accents Thrash and Doom pernicious and parsimonious story Air the room even more.

Diversity therefore, openness of mind, but above all, quality. Because far from wanting to be singers of the convergence story to get noticed, the members of THYRANT seek above all to propose to you pieces lively and carved in the most concrete Heavy. Thus, the hit "E.O.S" offers a diabolical alternative to the CARCASS of Heartwork and Swansong with its simple and direct riff, by displacing the most famous mid-tempo of MAIDEN in a purely Death context.

The debut of "Bury Me" is also a model of the genre, which after a long windy intro breaks the space of a double heavy bass, lightened by guitar licks to the third. In contrast, "Damned At Midnight" finds the automatisms of "E.O.S" and signs another hymn without appearing, but releasing the song.

"What We Left Behind" offers a fairly nebulous doom leg, and while we are entitled to expect a legitimate style break, the THYRANT choose to keep the course of history taking us to the backhand. From then on, the specters of OPETH and MY DYING BRIDE caress our ears, the same ears that "Endless Hunt" had damaged a Heavy Thrash torrid and salty.

"From MAIDEN to PRIEST, from ENSLAVED to OBITUARY, from CARCASS to SLAYER". And no, this shocking argument is not that perlimpinpin powder, as a well-known politician would say but a perfect summary of the renovation business once done on What We Left Behind. A record that pays tribute and that will arouse more than one, but that will above all unleash the passions and perhaps unify a Metal community sometimes a little too torn by tensions and clan wars. And finally, our three fictitious heroes of the beginning of the chronicle will then be able to agree around a disc which will federate them for the first time.

This is the kind of miracles THYRANT is capable of.
Like what, a friendship of twenty years can lead to the birth of a legend ... Perhaps.'

- Metal News, FR






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